What would it look like to be living your life at your full potential?

How could you help your child to be at their full potential?

Many people wind up living a life that is inconsistent with who they are and who they want to be. Each day feels like a battle, moving forward without any light exposing the next step or the obstacles on the path of life.  That lack of clarity as to what the destination is and what path to take, can lead to discouragement, frustration, lack of motivation and feelings of futility.
My coaching will bring light to your path by:

  • applying your values
  • discovering your strengths
  • utilizing your interests

Our coaching sessions will focus on moving you forward to be more effective and satisfied in your various life roles in the following ways.

      • Gain awareness of your choices
      • Gain an understanding of how your unique brain functions best
      • Gain awareness and appreciation of your strengths and individual interests 
      • Discover the barriers that can interfere with your goals
      • Develop strategies for living well with ADHD
      • Develop a clear picture of what you want and who you want to be

I work with a wide range of clients of all ages, including parents of children with ADHD, college students, business owners and anyone committed to taking action and getting unstuck. The individuals who benefit most, have a strong desire for personal growth and the willingness to be accountable to their coach.

I am passionate about helping people move to a place of positive change and growth.

Sincerely, Diana Wallace

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