About Me

I decided to become a Life Coach, specializing in ADHD coaching, because I am passionate about partnering with people that desire to learn, grow and get unstuck.  I am also a Coach because it works!

As an Occupational Therapist, I treated a wide range of clients ranging from in-home geriatric clients to adolescents in a psychiatric settings and ultimately to children in school based therapy. While working in schools, I treated many students that were struggling with weak as a result of ADHD.  The challenges that stem from ADHD are very familiar to my family, as we were living this journey.  Early in my understanding of ADHD, I had the misconception that this disorder was primarily addressed with medication.  I longed to see individuals struggling with ADD reach their full potential but medication did not seem to be enough. The desire to better meet the needs of my clients and my own family, ultimately led me to enroll in ADD Coach Academy.

During my coach training, I gained a greater understanding of ADD and the various ways it impacts individuals. The world of coaching introduced me to possibilities instead of hurdles to overcome.  Many of my past experiences and actions began to make more sense to me.  I began viewing those negative experiences through a new lens. Self-compassion took the place of regret and shame.  I developed appreciation of my unique brain wiring and a clearer picture of where I want to be heading.

I love being a coach and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a partner in the positive transformation of my client’s life.

Diana Wallace


Other passions: My three adult ADHD children, my architect husband, making good food that is shared, hiking on lush mountains, repurposing anything, beautiful gardens, rich conversations, movies that inspire, listening to talented musicians, people that have the gift of finding humor in most situations, the ocean, a fresh delicious dinner made from my garden, stories that transport me to a sweet place, being authentically encouraging, creating…………