What My Coaching Offers

Our coaching sessions will be focusing on your specific needs in a supportive, goal-oriented process in which we will work to develop the tools, strategies and confidence necessary to help you reach your potential.

Who:  A portion of our work is discovering and acknowledging who you really are.  Many people live a life and pursue a career that has the outside world deciding who they should be versus letting their strengths, values, interests, and passions determine their choices. While working together, you will discover choices that lead you to living aligned with who you are.

What:  Coaching helps you to learn about what barriers are that get in the way of progress.  Barriers such as boredom, anger, blame, overwhelm, false beliefs and bad habits are some of the barriers that coaching can help you overcome.

How:   The coaching process works by partnering with you to develop support, strategies and structure that bring action and progress.

Support: Coaching focuses on the strengths and specific needs of the individual.  It supports the client by offering encouragement, insightful feedback and building confidence to do what is needed to reach your potential.

Strategies: The client coach partnership works to develop strategies, tools, supports that are individualized to your unique brain wiring needs, desires and environment.

Structure:  Coaching establishes structures, both internal and external, to improve focus and to channel your abilities so that you can function at your best and achieve your goals.